MESHKAT is a Tehran-based international law firm specialized in international business and trade with Iran. Our team, comprised of lawyers in Iran and Europe, assists our European clients in developing their operations in Iran and, reciprocally, the operations of Iranian firms in Europe. 

Our qualified team accompanies firms in meeting international compliance requirements and provides customized assistance to businesses wishing to develop projects in Iran thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the Iranian legal and regulatory framework and cultural specificities.

Our comprehensive services cover such domains as company law, securities, real estate, protection of foreign investments, tax, employment and social security, intellectual property, and commercial contracts of all types, mainly in domains outside of the applicable sanctions such as food and medicine, hospitality and trade of consumer goods.

We also provide full support services to our clients in routine day-to-day legal matters, including translations of legal documents, issues related to opening bank accounts and matters dealing with the company registry in Iran, and services related to exiting Iranian market, repatriation of funds, wind down, dissolution and liquidation of branches of foreign companies and their subsidiaries in Iran.

Finally, we also advise Iranian companies in their conduct of business in Europe. This includes services such as international arbitration and dispute resolution, litigation before local jurisdictions, recognition and enforcement of arbitration awards, and general compliance issues.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to working alongside our clients to offer bespoke services at each and every stage of their projects in one of the largest emerging economies in the world.